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An overview of all the picturesque towns and characteristic villages that are definitely worth to visit!


Marina di Ragusa, where Maison de Trazegnies is located, is a small gem made of blue sea and the fine golden sand of the Ragusa coast. It is the perfect combination for those looking for a bit of relaxation under an umbrella, and for sport and nightlife lovers with countless bars and restaurants and surf, kite or windsurf schools.

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Punta Secca is a picturesque fishing village a few kilometers from Marina di Ragusa. With its 35m high lighthouse, the clear sea, the clean beach full of chalets, bars and restaurants, in the summer it becomes a destination for tourists and vacationers, attracted above all by the famous house of Inspector Montalbano, protagonist of the famous Camilleri series.

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Ragusa Ibla is the ancient historic center of the city of Ragusa. With its majestic cathedral of San Giorgio, its over fifty churches and stately palaces, it is the flag of the best Baroque art in Sicily. Thanks to the countless clubs, bars and restaurants in the alleys, the square ending in the Iblei Gardens is also called the "living room of Ragusa".

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Scicli is a baroque town of Val di Noto and rises in the south east of Sicily, in a valley nestled among three hills.

The city has very ancient origins, as showed by the late Bizantine settlements of the archaeological area of Chiafura,

Visiting Scicli means going back into the past, among palaces, baroque churches and ancient streets, and getting immerged in its lively atmosphere.

24 min


The county of Modica, the birthplace of S. Quasimodo, is made up of three large districts: Modica Alta, Modica Bassa and Modica Sorda. Today, walking through the streets of Modica means walking through history, among late Baroque palaces, churches, majestic stairways and great works of art that are UNESCO heritage sites. Modica is known for the production of its typical chocolate, of Aztec origin characterized by its unmistakable graininess.

35 min

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